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Abby Bergman

Abby is a senior studying biology at Yeshiva University Stern College for Women. Her great interest in biology and medicine is equally matched by her passion for people. From an early age, Abby has sought out opportunities to reach out to all people of all ages and from all walks of life. Ever since her junior and senior years in high school, Abby has reached out to underclassmen in her school to help them adjust to the high school experience. After graduating, Abby continues to provide support and guidance to middle school and high schoolers in her community. When she came to Yeshiva University and learned what College EDge was all about, it was only natural that she continue providing support and guidance to an even larger network of high schoolers. Fueled by her love of learning, Abby loves college and continues to seek ways to enhance her own college experience. From the stressful moments to the fun times, she realizes the gift of the university education and is devoted to helping others experience it for themselves.

2015 – 2016 Incoming Board

Aitan Magence
Vice President
Events & Public Relations

Miriam Pearl Klahr
Vice President

Alita Teitz
Director of Human Resources

Elana Perlow
Director of Mentorship

Bronx Community High

Tamar Golobtchik
Director of Mentorship
Dream Academy of Harlem

Isaac Krasnopolsky
Director of Mentorship
HS Media & Comms

Jonathan Mintz
Events Coordinator

Bronx Community High

Briana Friedman
Events Coordinator

Dream Academy of Harlem

Yossi Hoffman
Events Coordinator
HS Media & Comms

Leah Liss
Creative Director

Eliana Soskin
Director of Social Media & Beren Campus Representative

Or Mossaiov
Wilf Campus Representative

Michal Schechter
Events Advisor

Yosef Rubin
Asst. Director of Events

Rebecca Kerzner
Asst. Creative Director

Founded in April 2011 by Jonah Rubin

Partner High Schools:

George Washington High YABC
High School for Media & Communications
Dream Academy of Harlem
Bronx Community High School

Mentors: 118    |   Students reached: 1000+  |  Events